Frequently Asked Questions
What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is a fully immersive experience. Through the use of wearable headsets VR allows users to feel like they are in another three-dimensional world. High quality VR equipment, such as the HTC Vive used at Black Wolf Acres, allows users to interact with their environment using hand controllers and mapping technology.  
What headsets do you use? We use HTC Vive headsets, which are the highest quality headsets currently on the market. The headsets are equipped with high quality headphones and a microphone so you can get the full immersive experience.  
Is the equipment clean? Of course, each person receives a new mask cover and the headsets are cleaned after every use with anti-bacterial wipes to prevent the spread of germs and to keep the headsets clean for everyone to use.  
Are there age restrictions? Users of VR must be at least 8 years old and 48â€� tall to use the VR equipment. Users 13 and under require direct adult supervision by a parent or guardian. Users between 14 and 18 years old do not need to be under adult supervision, but we do require a signed parental form.  
Can I play with my friend? Yes you can. We have a selection of multiplayer games available.  
I'm not a gamer, is Virtual Reality for me? Absolutely! There are many different games and experiences for users of all interests. All experiences are interactive and enjoyable in their own way.  
Am I going to walk into walls? There isn't any reason to! Using HTC's innovative Chaperone equipment, users are alerted in-game as they reach real-life boundary lines.
I wear glasses, do I have to take them off while in virtual reality? Absolutely not! HTC Vive's headset piece is adjustable so that it allows custom fit over glasses.  
What happens if I get motion sickness while in virtual reality? Those who are susceptible to motion sickness may experience side-effects during VR use. If you feel uncomfortable during your VR session, we ask that you please inform a Black Wolf Acres team member immediately.  
How do I book a time? It's easy! Visit our Book Now page to select the desired date and time of visit. Please fill out all required questions and provide payment at the time of booking. We can't wait for you to experience VR!  
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